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EasyBuildingCMS.Net is a module-based CMS and a web application framework which is developed using .NET 4.0/Visual Studio 2010, Entity Framework/LINQ-to-Entity, SQL Server 2008. To build this framework, I have/will borrow some ideas from Sharepoint and TheBeerHouse.

EasyBuildingCMS.Net is highly modularized. The most important concept of this CMS framework is “BuildingBlock” which is similar to the WebPart used in Sharepoint. All the function modules such as content editor, news, gallery, forum, blog, report can be encapsulated into an independent BuildingBlock. It is extremely easy to build custom BuildingBlock (just require one line code).

Currently, I have completed the core engine of this CMS framework (please download the source code in the Source Code section). For next stage, I plan to develop a variety of ready-to-use BuildingBlocks and also the deployment module (possibly something like the "Feature" used in Sharepoint).

I sincerely invite you, the programming-lovers, to join this project. I am writting a Guide to introduce the core engine of this CMS framewore and also the plan for future work.


Special Thanks to JIN Weijie  and his ASTreeView!!!

I have decided to focus on Sharepoint and BI, so I will not invest much time on this project. If anybody want to take ownership of this project, please let me know. I can contribute about 20% of my spare time (I also have daytime job to do) to this project if you do want to keep the project going.

Also, Please have a look at my another project: Sharepoint & BI Playground.

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